The Only Obvious Criteria of Good Design

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Maximum Joy

I continue to be impressed with the quality and content of the Hack Design course. The UI/UX sections are the ones I’ve gotten the most out of, and the article that I keep thinking about is Learning to See by Oliver Reichenstein. There are enough great quotes in that one article to fill an inspirational calendar but the one that really knocked me on my ass was this:

How well something works is the only obvious criteria of good design.

…which i think is so true in software. There are many possible measures for how well a piece of software has been made, but the only one that really matters is whether you can get the damn thing to do what you want. This has made me re-think a lot of the systems that I’m building both for work at Sharethrough and for my side projects.

Upping my design game was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a software developer – it makes you see all the things you create in a different light. I’m excited to keep going.