Consuming is Boring, Creating is Exciting

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I had a great conversation with a friend over dinner. We were reminiscing about how exciting it was the first time we were able to download a full album of music. It was such a rush to see how quickly you could get entire songs, albums – even the entire catalog of albums an artist put out. The novelty of it was insane.

It’s safe to say the novelty of downloading music has worn off. It’s not that there’s not still great music being produced, it’s just that the downloading/consuming part isn’t exciting like it was in the past.

What’s exciting now is the technology that’s available to help us create amazing things. This has been building for awhile – we’ve seen the tools to help us create things get more and more powerful – but it’s really reached an interesting point now. You can now create something with real value – even a company – with almost no initial money investment. All it takes is your time and imagination. And that to me is amazing. Where the action’s at has changed from the consumer side to the creator side.

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