The Importance of Staying Inspired

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Creative work is hard. Whether it’s writing, drawing, programming – it’s taxing in a way that work that allows you to turn off your brain isn’t. To keep doing your best work, you need stuff that will help keep you inspired.

My dad’s a painter/digital artist and for a long time he’s had this quote by Charlie Parker on the wall of his studio:

Don’t be scared – just play the music

I love the simplicity of that quote. It makes it seem possible and even easy to do what you need to do. It also forces you to abandon any excuses you have and just get on with it.

I found a quote I liked so much I’ve had it in block letters on the huge-ass dry erase board in my home office. I found it in this great slide deck from Netflix and it goes:

Mediocre colleagues or unchallenging work is what kills progress of a person’s skills

Cuts through the bullshit and makes you ask some uncomfortable questions, exactly what inspiration is supposed to do.

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